Batman: The Animated Show - The Greatest Cartoon of the 90s

Growing up in the 90s, you were exposed to a variety of Saturday morning cartoons. However, one show stood out from the rest and is considered the greatest of them all: Batman: The Animated Show (TAS). This was no ordinary cartoon, as it boasted a sleek neo-noir art style and storylines that were both entertaining for kids and mature enough for adults. It was the true Batman adaptation everyone was waiting for, and no other show featuring the Dark Knight has come close to matching its impact. Here are some of the reasons why Batman TAS (1992-1995) remains the greatest cartoon show of the 90s.

An Epic Opening Sequence

Batman TAS grabbed the attention of audiences from the very beginning. The opening sequence showed two bank robbers being chased by the police, only to be stopped by a fast-moving, bat-like silhouette who beats them to a pulp and leaves them tied up for the authorities. The silhouette was revealed to be Batman as a lightning flash illuminated his figure on a rooftop. It was epic.

Batman at His Best

The show highlighted the intelligence and cunning of Batman, something that was missing in other adaptations, even the Dark Knight Trilogy. Batman was not just a physical powerhouse, but also a brilliant detective, feared by foes like Ra’s al Ghul. He was a ninja who relied on his brain as much as his brawn, giving viewers the classic Batman from the Detective Comics.

Stunning Animation

The animation team brought the dark and gritty world of Batman and Gotham to life with the neo-noir style called “Dark Deco.” The art style was influenced by Tim Burton and was both beautiful and alluring. Although it didn't use modern animation techniques, the fluidity of the animation was ahead of its time and still holds up today.

Mature Storylines

The writers were able to take a brooding and dark character like Batman and turn him into a Saturday morning icon. Some episodes, such as “Robin’s Reckoning”, “Two-Face”, and “Heart of Steel,” dealt with mature themes like tragedy, horror, and death, making people question if this was a children's cartoon show. Despite the mature subject matter, the stories were well-balanced and not too dark.

Outstanding Voice Acting

The voice acting in Batman TAS was top-notch, with Mark Hamill (of Star Wars fame) delivering a chilling and cheerful performance as The Joker. Kevin Conroy’s voice acting as Batman was also perfect, even surpassing Christian Bale's attempt in the Dark Knight Trilogy.

Introduction of Harley Quinn

One of the most iconic characters in the DC universe, Harley Quinn, made her debut in Batman TAS. She was originally a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, but became the Joker's lover and sidekick after falling for his madness. Her introduction was a hit with fans, and she remains a beloved character to this day.


In conclusion, Batman TAS was a complete package, with great animation, performances, characters, and storylines throughout its entire run. It is hard to find another cartoon show from the 90s – or even today – that blended all of these elements so seamlessly.

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